What We Do

In the hurry-up world that we live in, yoga is the perfect tool to help people learn how to take a deep breath and slow down - not only adults but children too!  

We feel that the world is moving around us at such a rapid pace and children are beginning to feel all sorts of pressure-from their schools, homes, the media etc-to keep up with everything around them and we believe that Yoga can function as a type of release that can alleviate some of those pressures.

Teaching children ways to relax their body and mind can help them navigate life’s challenges with a bit more ease.  Yoga is also an excellent way to expose children to physical activity in a non-competitive, positive environment.  It can help to bolster their flexibility, coordination, balance, strength, and body awareness.  When introduced at a young age, yoga can also play a role in boosting confidence and self-esteem.

"Lauren's enthusiasm for yoga is infectious and make her classes a pleasure to take part in. Her attention to detail and patience have helped give me the confidence to start my own practice and have helped me build a better relationship with myself and with my family" 

– Samantha, London.

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Who We Are

The Yoga Club was founded by Lauren Hasseck and was created based upon her dual passion for yoga and working with children, out of which she has created an innovative company dedicated to making the tools of yoga and mindfulness available to all; Children, Teens and Adults. Lauren is a certified Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Children's yoga teacher and she believes that, through the power of yoga, she can effectuate healthy and positive changes in people through creative, dynamic and fun yoga classes.