Monday | 17:30-18:30

Open Level | Mats provided

£8.50 per class | £75 for 10 classes

The Art Stable | 80 East End Road, Finchley, N3 2SY

Types of Classes

Children's Yoga

​​Private Childrens’ Class

A personal yoga journey for one or more children of any age, private classes can be designed to meet your child’s needs, whether that means incorporating literacy skills into class, developing a greater ability to focus, or just having fun and relieving stress. Private classes are also available for children with special needs.

Private Family Class

Yoga is a great way for a family to bond! Your children will love helping you work on poses that come easily and naturally to them! Family classes include yoga poses that are accessible to kids of all ages, and also emphasise group and partner poses.

Private Parent and Child Class

Work one-on-one with your child of any age (infants through to teens) in a class designed to meet the needs of both parent and child, while strengthening the bond between them. These classes are deeply nurturing and relaxing for both participants, as well as being a lot of fun.

The Yoga Club teaches Yoga for kids in a creative, loving and non-competitive way, which encourages teamwork and helps children find inner peace and a sense of self esteem. It is fun, active and calming. Through the physical practice, yoga nurtures flexibility and freedom of movement and helps to build healthy bodies and minds. It gives children a chance to explore their bodies and discover the spectrum of amazing things we can do with them: stretch, balance, twist, bend, rest, focus, use our strength and flexibility, sing, play, laugh, relax and many more incredible things!

Our specialist yoga classes for children blend traditional yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques with music, movement and lots of fun! Nurturing happy and healthy bodies and minds.
Yoga improves concentration and self-confidence and helps children to feel more balanced. Moreover, kids are given valuable tools, including mindfulness, meditation and relaxation practices, that they can use now and in the future. Most importantly, yoga provides kids with a space where they can just be themselves!

Yoga For Teens

Yoga for teens is a powerful tool for self-exploration and awareness. Many changes are taking place at this age and yoga positively supports this transition. A regular yoga practice during these years can help to balance the body's chemistry and physiology and it will benefit the mind, body and soul.

Yoga helps teenagers deal with changing emotions, as well as physically nurturing the body's flexibility. It provides a safe, secure, non-competitive environment, a space of deep acceptance where diversity is valued and encouraged. It helps to build self-confidence and offers a framework for teens to see positive shifts, without the pressure of needing to change. It is a joyful space to 'be' and a chance for much needed relaxation. The yoga class is a wonderful platform for teens to work on self-acceptance, self-love and to generally make positive changes in their lives.

This is the perfect age to reap the incredible benefits of yoga, which happen on a

physical, emotional and mental level.

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