When to Practice

We advise everyone to be conscious of how your body feels and to seek medical advice regarding any health issues before starting pregnancy Yoga classes.

We also only teach classes to those that are in their 2nd or 3rd Trimester.

It's never too late to practise prenatal yoga! So if you are past your first trimester, come along and experience the benefits of yoga

Yoga is a safe, simple and natural method of preparing for the miracle of childbirth. Pregnancy yoga classes combine relaxation techniques with stretching, strengthening, and breathing exercises to teach women the essential skill of being able breathe correctly throughout birth and in times of stress.

Linking the postures with breath will lead you to new discoveries, bringing awareness to the mind, body and spirit, and helping you connect with your baby.

Prenatal Yoga classes may also be a great opportunity for you to meet other pregnant women and to be a part of a community.

The Benefits

Our Pregnancy yoga classes will help to increase energy levels, strengthen the pelvic floor and uterus, improve circulation, aid digestion, ease back pain and increase general wellbeing. It can also help to empower the mother-to-be to have conscious birth experience, keeps you fit whilst being sensitive to the baby, decreases anxiety, strengthens birthing muscles, quickens postpartum recovery, improves sleep and promotes healthy birth!

Prenatal Yoga